Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Size of Charcoal for applying into the soil - Terra Preta

This is my personal perception (hypothesis) about the size of charcoal which could be used for Terra Preta applications based on expereince and reason.
I prefer lumps of charcoal instead of fine charcoal powder, for the following reasons. Anyhow over a period of time the charcoal located within a depth of 8 inches, breaks during ploughing and other activities done in the farm.
- roots prosper better around a piece of charcoal.
- Soil microbes and soil fungus would find convenient place in a lump of charcoal and can live as a community.
- Lump can provide better environment and choices for soil microbes to thrive.
- Lump is heavy so less chance of moving away from the field due to wind / water
- Adds texture to the soil
- Additional energy is required to powder the charcoal lumps (which is saved).

There is need for testing these properties scientifically.

Thanks to bob klein(arclein) for the question.


memoweed said...

Ouch, yo use carbon fino al 10%(pasado por una criba de 2mm)para recrear terra preta y no funciono. en vez de mejorar la fertilidad del suelo, parece que bajo. Se sembraron plantas de zea mayz y phaseolus vulgaris para medir la fertilidad (midiendo la biomasa) y las que estaban bajo el tratamiento de 10% carbon crecieron menos que las que estaban en el suelo puro. Después, si quiere, le mando toda la investigación. Please, use google traslate, i can read in english, but write... and write long sentences its really headache for me. tanx!

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