Sunday, July 8, 2007

The traditional Terra Preta in parts of India.

1. All the charcoal and ash collected from the respective stoves is dumped into the Farm Yard Manure pits and then spread in the fields.

2. The charcoal+burnt earth+shreds of pottery from the traditional potters kiln is a vary valuable resource for spreading in the fields.

3. The ash collected after cremation is immersed into the streams or rivers, by the sons. A traditional ritual followed by all in India.

Usage of charcoal in Kitchen

If by mistake more salt is added to a curry, for adsorption of salt charcoal pieces will be immersed in the liquid of the curry to reduce saltyness of the curry.

To ward of ghosts:

Sometimes to ward of ghosts, with charcoal pieces it is written that to come tomorrow. For everyday there is a tomorrow and it never comes.

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